About Danielle

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On December 8, 1988, Danielle Marie Genzoli was born, what a gift! Danielle was a happy baby. She was adventurous, fearless, and independent. She loved animals, nature and even insects. She used to rescue bees from the swimming pool, when others were sure that they were dead, she would take them to her “bee hospital” and they would survive.

She was silly, sweet and wise beyond her years. Danielle was artistic and smart. She was spiritual and fascinated with all religions. She loved to learn. She loved playing her guitar and making a collage on a full wall in her bedroom. She loved the beach. Mostly Danielle loved her music, her bands, Warped Tour and concerts. She loved her family and her friends. Danielle’s friends were very important to her.

She had a depth most people don’t have and compassion for humans and animals alike. Danielle thought outside the box. Conversations with Danielle would take your mind to places that it had never been before. She opened your world and challenged your mind to really think.

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From the time that she was in fifth grade, Danielle couldn’t wait to go to college. She couldn’t make up her mind as to where to go to school or what color to paint her room and so many other things because she wanted to experience it all. After college she wanted to travel the world. Most importantly Danielle wanted to help people and children in need. She was especially concerned for 18 year olds that aged out of foster care systems. She knew many of them would be on their own with nowhere to go. They surely didn’t feel loved and she couldn’t imagine their feeling of hopelessness. She had so much love and opportunity in her life, she felt compelled to help those that didn’t.

It is because of her desire to help that we have started this foundation. To carry on her dream of helping children and young adults in need. For that we appreciate all of you being here to share in her dream.

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